How Does Bail Bonding Work?

After someone is arrested, they usually have to wait in jail until their bail hearing with a judge, The amount of their bail is set based on how serious of a crime was committed, if they…

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Corey Powell

Private Investigations

Renegade is all about helping individuals, businesses, and legal entities find the answers they seek.

Corey Powell is a skilled professional trained in gathering evidence and facts for his clients, be it individuals, law firms, corporations, or insurance companies. Whether it’s tracing missing persons, uncovering infidelity, or providing litigation support, Corey possesses the expertise to find and present the information that you are seeking.

The things we do best…

Renegade offers a variety of services to help meet your needs. 

Bail Bonds

When individuals find themselves entangled in legal troubles, Renegade is there to help you meet that need.

Private Investigation

Renegade is all about helping individuals, businesses, and legal entities find the answers they seek.

Notary Services

If you need something notarized, Renegade Notary Services provides quick and convenient way to get your documents notarized. 

Legal Services

We act as a process server for law firms serving legal papers such as subpoenas, divorce papers, summonses, writs, complaints, and more. Contact Renegade Bail Bonds today for your service of process needs.

Fugitive Recovery

At Renegade Bail Bonds, we are licensed and insured with full authority to detain and arrest fugitives who have failed to appear for their court date. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

John Doe

“Corey was there when I needed him. After getting in trouble , Renegade was there to bail me out.”

Mary Smith

XYZ Inc.

“I needed some documents notarized quickly, Renegade helped make sure everything was done professionally and legally”

Julie Samson

“I needed to locate an individual so I contacted Corey as a private investigator and he got the job done”

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Renegade Bail Bonds

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Cory Powell Renegade Bail Bonds Myrtle Beach SC

Corey Powell


Owner Corey Powell will help you get the services you need.

2423 Hwy 17 South
N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

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